Wiffle Ball Rules

Teams may have a maximum of 10 players on the roster. Five players may bat but only three are allowed to be in the field (ie: one pitcher, two fielders).

  • Substitutions for fielders and batters can only be made in-between innings unless an injury occurs.
  • Batting out of order is ruled as an out.
  • Pitcher must face one complete batter before being replaced.


The Game

  • Five innings equals a complete game.
  • Ten-run “mercy rule” applies after three complete innings.
  • Two outs allowed per inning for each team.
  • Five balls equal a walk and two strikes count as an out
  • In extra innings, both teams will start the inning with the bases loaded. This format takes place immediately after the end of the fifth inning


Game Situations 

  • Any fly ball caught in the air is an out. There is no infield fly rule.
  • A ground ball that comes to a complete stop before being fielded is a hit.
  • A ball that hits any part of the outfield fence is a triple.


The Batter                             

  • The batter may switch sides at any time in the count. The batter must notify the pitcher before doing so, otherwise the pitch will be called a strike.
  • Any batter interference with the pitch will be called a strike.
  • There is no hit batsman rule. The pitch will be called a ball.


The Pitcher

  • The pitcher must have at least one foot touching the rubber when he releases the ball. If a ball is pitched in violation of this rule, the pitch will be ruled a ball.
  • A pitcher can throw an entire game and can throw every game. Pitching changes can be made at any time except in the middle of an at-bat. There is a maximum of three pitching changes per game.